Three Predictions Updated

Steve’s Predictions – Revisited I had no idea my predictions would come true so quickly! Last December, I shared with you my three predictions about successful change in the future. Well here we are. The future is now. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to...

Alignment Autonomy

How Collaboration improves Alignment and enables Autonomy With so many people now working from home, aligned autotomy has never been more important. An underlying benefit of employees working together in an office setting is that it is easier to promote alignment....

Human Leader

How to be a Human Leader “We still need to get 40 hours a week out of employees.” As many leaders have had to move their workforce home, there are several issues they’ve had to deal with because of this shift in venue. Ensuring productivity clearly is one of them. But...

Work From Home

How to Work and Lead from Home Covid-19 has driven lots of employees to work from home. I’ve been working from home consistently now for more than four years. Here I share my approach, customized for employees that have temporarily moved home. Also included are tips I...

Enroll Leaders

How to Enroll Your Leadership Team “We are too busy now…” I have heard this so many times in the last couple of weeks. And rightly so. This pandemic has thrown almost every organization and its leaders into new and uncharted territories. In times like these, perhaps...

Christopher Davis

Effective Process Redesign Requires Transformational Thinking I recently had the opportunity to interview Christopher Davis. Christopher is a seasoned  Chief Information Officer (CIO) – and no stranger to transformational change. We talked about an...
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