steve salisbury

Our Approach To Coaching

• Critical to successful coaching is our ability to build a relationship of trust.
• We jointly create an agreement with goals and measures.
• We drive to commitment to act – executing your plan is a key ingredient to success.
• We provide feedback on your progress and coach you to receive real time feedback from your organization.
• A clear coaching plan with mutually agreed upon goals, including measures of success.

Your Personal Benefits From Coaching

• Your Personal Benefits From Coaching:
• Identify and leverage existing strengths; use this as a foundation to improve performance
• Reinforce executive leadership skills critical to the organization
• Identify and implement positive and sustainable behavior changes
• Ultimately, greater career satisfaction and financial rewards

steve salisbury coaching
steve salisbury coaching

Your Organization Benefits From Coaching

• Improved organizational performance / productivity
• Improved retention of high potential talent
• Better business relationships
• Enhanced ability to recruit exceptional talent
• Improved perception within the industry

Advocacy vs. Inquiry

"Steve clarified our vision in operational terms, showed me how stakeholders have different requirements, identified major risks, and provided excellent council to help me focus my energy. Ultimately this helped me make better decisions faster and significantly improved the clarity of my leadership."
- Tao Tang, Co-Founder, Ambridge International