I provide transformational change consulting to help you successfully execute change in environments that are global, multi-cultural, cross-generational, virtual, and changing at an accelerating pace.

The results are in. The projects in which I have been involved add greater value because your leadership team makes better decisions faster, and more of your employees adopt the change faster. ​You become a more successful visionary, increasing your earning potential.

My approach:

Grow your Leadership. Create transformational capacity by setting the stage for phenomenal growth. I work with you to energize your vision to excite and engage your organization, launch transformative change and propel your organization to drive the change.

Galvanize the Team. Galvanize transformation leaders by eliminating cross-functional dysfunction. I show you how to advocate for strong, transformational leaders, accelerate decision making and invigorate your leadership to drive profitable growth.

Fuel the Organization. Charge the entire team to become transformation ready. I work with you to drive communication that involves you and your unique message, help you mobilize the transformation through the entire organization and inspire employees to achieve their best performance.

Propel the Future. Drive accountability to institutionalize the transformation. Working with you and your leaders I optimize the transformed organization, hasten adoption to exceed goals, and re-establish metrics to spotlight results.

Included here are two free self-assessments. The first is an assessment to determine the degree to which you are affecting your organization. The second assessment helps you identify how ready you are to lead this transformational change. Please call me for a free consultation about either, and how I can help you achieve more value and greater success – both for your organization, and for you.

It is quite clear that without organizational change management, the project would have failed.  Steve created alignment within the colleges through communications and business readiness teams, managed risk and issues, and made project progress more visible to the entire Peralta community.  This effort made the difference between success and failure.
 - Thomas Smith, CFO and Vice Chancellor for Administration, Peralta Community Colleges (Oakland, California)