Studies indicate that less than 1/3 of all projects meet their performance objectives. Much of the problem is due to inadequate preparation of the organization to adapt to change. 

Steve achieves a remarkable 85% success rate.


How I work

  • I help organizations, teams and leaders drive organizational change to achieve greater results faster.
  • Whether you are in startup, turnaround, acquisition, divesture or large technology implementation, we work with you to assess your organization and develop plans to improve results by focusing on your people, teams, strategy, processes, and systems.
  • I create a detailed assessment of your current situation, where you want to be tomorrow and with a robust plan to get you there.
  • Leaders who want to accelerate change, are open to feedback and are willing to try new approaches seek me out.

What you can Expect

  • A holistic view of your business from an objective outsider.
  • Curious questioning and diagnosis on your current practices and future aspirations.
  • A customized approach to meet your own businesses unique culture and situation.
  • Best practice sharing from 30 years of experience working with successful executives and outstanding organizations.
  • Share insights and suggestions that others close to you may be unable or unwilling to do without worrying about the consequences.
  • Thoughtful prioritization of how to sequence changes to ensure successful implementation and adoption.
  • Your team will be left with a new set of tools or techniques to increase their skills or expertise so they are better equipped to lead their organizations in the future.

To discuss your business and how we might partner to increase your business results contact me.

"Steve made valuable contributions to our senior leadership team several ways, helping us increase our success. He challenged how we led as individuals and created an environment to improve how we lead as a leadership team. He navigated our many unique challenges and adapted his style to fit our needs. He was so successful doing this we asked him to perform similar work for two more of our teams. Thus, engagement scores improved and employee attrition rates declined."
- Murali Gopal, MD, FAPA, Vice President, Global Medical Healthcare Solutions, AbbVie