How the sight of first snow is a model for engaging employees during transformation

At the sight of our first snow of the season, my wife exclaimed how happy it made her feel. I asked her why. She explained that children from her home town of Zhuzhou Hunan China were always thrilled when it snowed. Being from a southern province, snow was rare.

She went on to say the children looked forward to snowball fights, building snowmen and creating snow angels. Snow is an agent of transformation. It creates excitement. It transforms the world from a place where children exist within, to a place in which they can interact. Snow gives them an outlet to move from current state to a new exciting state.

The same is true with your transformation. When you provide opportunities for your employees to engage with the transformation, you provide opportunities to excite, interact and create. The greatest value from transformational change occurs when more employees adapt to the changes faster and more thoroughly.

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