Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will inspire your audience, and provide immediate value?

Steve Salisbury is a global change leadership expert for some of the world’s most recognizable enterprises. He sets the change in motion by creating transformational capacity, galvanizing leaders, and driving accountability to institutionalize the entire transformation. In an industry where projects continue to underperform, Steve holds a remarkable 85% success rate.



Sample Keynotes

The Trusting Leader.
Learn how a leader’s vulnerability and authenticity leads to speaking with thoughtful candor, and creates an improved environment for driving change.

Advocacy or Inquiry.
Learn how humility and inquiry are effective to solve business issues, build stronger business partnerships, and facilitate change.

Resistance is Good.​
Learn how to identify and resolve underlying causes for leadership while increasing engagement in your change project.

How to Create an Unsuccessful Business.
A light hearted look at four dysfunctions that you should avoid as you set up and operate your business.

Additional Topics

The Five V’s of Leadership:
Vision, Value, Viability, Visibility, Victory
Conscious Communications: Ten principles for effective interpersonal communications.

High Performance Teams:
Disciplines and behaviors for success.

Healthy Self-Esteem:
You are probably healthier than you think.

Personal Motivation Assessment:
How ready am I to change?

Overcoming Cross-Functional Dysfunction:
How to lead in a matrix organization.

Speaking Testimonials




Steve explains why it’s difficult to bring middle managers along on the change journey.

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