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Executives in every industry struggle with building and leading high-functioning leadership teams. Despite all we’ve learned through decades of leadership and team theory, organizations still struggle with the concept of teamwork and continue to deliver less than optimal results.


Accelerate is a customized experience designed for you and your leadership team. You and your team attend this intensive experience facilitated by change leadership and transformations expert Steve Salisbury. Accelerate is designed for executives who want to:


  • Build a strong and vibrant leadership team to drive greater value in their organization, particularly during transformational change


  • Increase commitment and accountability for greater success


  • Realize and exceed profitability expectations for their teams


  • Drive faster and improved decision-making

If you have a leadership team you know can increase its performance, and you want to achieve greater results, this program is for you. Strong leadership is crucial to remain competitive, and you need to know your team will exceed your goals. Through Accelerate you’ll learn how to build and sustain your leadership team to fuel the growth of your firm and propel your personal leadership success.



Leaders who want to drive greater results and accelerate revenue growth including:

  • CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFOs
  • Division VPs
  • Corporate and staff VPs

Join the executives who have used this program on their own or with their executive teams or their boards.


Inspire confidence among your leadership team

Build organizational trust to speed progress

Overcome negative conflict to produce positive results

Attain commitment among team members to drive results

Accelerate the team to emphasize outcomes


Accelerate includes 4 modules including building organizational trust, establishing healthy conflict, gaining commitment, and driving accountability.

Accelerate can be customized into a one-day to two-day experience, depending on your need.

The experience includes one on one discussions, exercises and role play.

During the program, you’ll create an accountability guide to ensure that you implement the techniques you learned.

And we will work at a pace that meets your needs.


Creating organizational trust – unlocking the power of your leadership team to interact more effectively and accelerate results.

Galvanizing a strong and committed top team that openly engages in healthy conflict to harness their transformative power.

Creating transformational leadership to accelerate commitment and unleash your organization.

Driving accountability within the team to ultimately accelerate results and exceed your goals.

Steve started working with us over a year ago to transform our culture to support our growth and improve our effectiveness. The values discussion we went through was a major turning point for us. Steve led us as we defined these, and they immediately resonated with the leadership team. On the second day, we presented them to the balance of the organization through a workshop facilitated by Steve. These values resonate with all of us, and we’ve already started assimilating them. These will clearly serve as guideposts as we continue to grow and build our culture. We would not be where we are if it were not for the insightful, experienced guidance Steve brings to us.”
Adam Alonso

CEO, BUILD Chicago

Learn about Activate

Activate is a customized experience designed for you and your organization’s transformation. You and up to three of your colleagues attend this intensive experience facilitated by change leadership and transformations expert Steve Salisbury.

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