She Failed Her Driving Test!

You absolutely need clear purpose to be successful with almost any aspect of your life. I write a great deal about purpose in this forum. Why? Because it’s so important for success in business. And of course, it applies to other aspects of our lives. My wife, Wei, is...

The Wrong Trend: Sponsorship

After over two decades of harping on this, adequate sponsorship is on the decline. Yes, you read that correctly: ON THE DECLINE! I recently read a study that showed that adequate project sponsorship by senior executives is on the decline. This means that projects will...

Building A Learning Culture

Doug Berg is today’s guest blogger.Change doesn’t always go as planned. Okay, that much is obvious from almost anyone’s experience on the topic. There are always unexpected obstacles, twists, and turns as change develops. Change leaders generally expect things to go...

The Devil is in the Details

It was a hot and humid afternoon last Saturday when my wife and I drove to our local Walgreens to receive our second dose of the Covid vaccine. As we drove up to the building, it looked closed. It was closed! I fumbled for my iPhone to reread the email confirmation I...
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