Driving Digital Culture

“Things are moving so fast we can’t keep up!” Even in this season of Covid-19, things are moving fast. In the last few months, Brooks Brothers, JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, J Crew, and many other retail powerhouses filed bankruptcy. Even Walmart and Walgreens have...

Managing or Leading?

“But I thought you weren’t interested.” In my first manager role many years ago, I was committed to being the best leader I could possibly be. Being new to the role, I figured things out as I progressed. At the same time, I was also dealing with an employee...

Cultural Faux Pas in the Season of COVID-19

“Chirping crickets.” Lack of communication is a sure-fire approach to ensure that your organizational purpose is not fulfilled. The execution of your strategy is slowed, and you increase the risk for greater cross-functional dysfunction. Smart leaders recognize the...

Moving the Immovable Middle – Part Two

What is measured is completed. Two weeks ago, I introduced the concept of the immovable middle, the idea that when driving big change sometimes middle managers are left behind. Fifteen years ago, I converted our old farmhouse into an Airbnb. Upon starting the...
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