Greater Sponsorship is now Required

There are only two options: make progress or make excuses. In the post Covid-19 era, sponsorship is more important than ever. In my eBook, “Activate: 15 Steps to Profitable Strategy Execution,” we talk about the roles of sponsorship and the sponsor network to execute...

We are Now More Risk Adaptable

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash As a result of Covid-19, leaders will learn that it’s okay to take on more risk. In my upcoming eBook, “Activate: Profitable Strategy Execution,” we talk about performing a risk assessment to ensure successful change. It’s...

Enrolling Employees through Communication

“They’re not listening to us” Several years ago, one of my clients restructured an organization. About half of the organization was made up of field employees who were disheartened, dissatisfied, and disengaged. These field employees had some of the lowest engagement...

How to Create Desire

Resistance is not only good it is necessary for success. Last week we talked about building awareness. The message and the audience. The what and the who. This week let’s discuss building desire. This is the why and the how. The business case and the impact. This is...

How to Build Awareness

“Don’t tell me too much too soon.” The first step in executing a great communication plan is to help your constituents develop awareness of your topic. There are two components to this: the message and the audience. The what and the who. The message is an explanation...

Crisis and Communication

Now is not the time to over-analyze. Step out boldly. Never has there been a better time to talk about the importance of swift, bold communication. Employees already had enough to deal with when Covid-19 drove many to work from home. Now we’re faced with more...
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