What is your Leadership Legacy?

Take time over this holiday season to evaluate your leadership. For what do you wish to be known? Reflecting over my 40-year career, I’ve thought about the best leaders with whom I’ve worked. There are many, and a few stand out more than others. If I were to summarize...

The Tale of Two Company Cultures

If you don’t do anything else today, read this and apply the lessons learned. During my career I worked with two organizations that were in similar industries, of comparable size, but were vastly different in terms of their company culture and resulting success...

Thanksgiving. Thanks for YOU!

This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for…YOU! A giant thank you for my loyal readers! When I speak with some of you, you tell me that you enjoy these newsletters, and you say they are quite helpful. I am grateful for your positive comments and your encouragement....

100 Drunken Clowns with Bees in their Underpants

Please, please don’t be like this project, and for heaven’s sake, don’t be like these clowns! Many years ago, a favorite client and colleague sent me this Dilbert cartoon. We’ve all seen projects like this – I know I’ve seen my share. I recently became aware of a very...

Symbols to Brand Your Transformation

Don’t overlook the idea of branding your transformation. My father, long passed, was born on this date in 1920. In 1969, 52 years ago, my mom gave this bell to my dad for his birthday. We recently re-installed it. I think of it as a symbol of my mother’s...
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