Supporting Successful Change

Doug Berg is today’s guest blogger.  How can you help build confidence in your change initiative? As a change leader, I’ve often heard it said that ”people don’t like change.” Yet, I’ve more often found a stronger emotion to be true. People embrace what they can feel...

Acceleration Requires Slowing Down

If you want to accelerate your growth, you need to slow down. People will not remember how fast you accomplished something. They will remember how well you did it, and how you made them feel when you were doing it. This is an old axiom that a colleague of mine shared...

Employee Centered Culture

Are you building a culture of encouragement? Building a high-performance culture is the most important work you will ever do as a leader. We often say that our people are our greatest assets. It takes effort and active leadership to build a highly productive culture...

How Philanthropy Leads to Growth

I was so nervous!  Here I was, at age 16, giving my first speech ever. I stood in front of an audience of parents, school administration and several fellow students. We were participating in a National Honor Society induction meeting at my high school. The topic...

Replay: How to Drive Growth by Listening

Talk less, listen more. (Author’s note: It’s been a busier week than normal as we have packed, moved and started to settle into our “new” home, back at the farm. We are thrilled to live in this beautiful countryside. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, we...
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