The Project Management Institute (PMI) reports that firms who effectively use change management perform the following things better than their minimally effective counterparts:
• They are 7 times more likely to detect change in the external environment.
• They are 3 times more likely to leverage significant changes.
• They are 5 times more likely to establish change management beyond major projects – mostly to help achieve changes in culture.
• They are 5 times more likely to work across functions.

These firms have a 50% better chance of projects being on-time, on-budget or on-spec and have an 80% better chance of meeting or exceeding ROI goals. In other words, they are successful in driving greater value from any change or transformation project.

My Activate workshop is a quick way for you and your leadership team to effectively prepare for your next large-scale change. At minimum, you will
• Realize and exceed profitability expectations,
• Ensure overwhelming success. ​
• Drive rapid decision-making.
• Galvanize your leadership team around profitable growth
• Launch significant buy-in and acceptance.
​• Institutionalize enduring change.

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