A recent Wall Street Journal advertisement by MSNBC proclaims, “This is who we are.” Are you inspired? Does this engage you to turn on the TV and watch their programming? It does neither for me.

When you lead transformations, it’s easy to overlook the importance of summarizing objectives into a single, concise statement. One executive I worked with used the purpose statement, “Every Engagement Counts,” to express his goal that all employees understand the importance of each interaction both inside his transforming organization, and with the organization’s internal and external customers. It worked. Employees rose to the occasion.

Don’t underestimate the power of a single, short sentence or phrase to help focus your employees on your transformational goals. It unifies, provides direction, and can be measurable. With “Every Engagement Counts,” the organization reduced undesirable attrition by more than 50% in a year. Of course, there were other factors that led to this success, but having a simple rallying cry made a big difference.

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