Annual Pro-Bono Project

Before moving back to Chicago in 2011, Steve lived for more than 40 years in Berrien County in southwest Michigan. During those years, he witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of people living in areas with high crime rates, a low standard of living, and few opportunities. He wanted to help and  was able to make a small difference by working with Habitat for Humanity projects, consulting with city government and serving in a lay ministry in Benton Harbor. He learned that a little extra attention makes a big difference in the lives of young people.

Since then, Steve has performed pro-bono work each year for a Chicago area not-for-profit that focuses on underserved youth and aims to reduce violence in the city.

How Steve can help?

  • Workshops to prepare for growth
  • Coaching to improve leadership
  • Speaking engagements to motivate your team
  • Consulting to embed new processes or culture
  • And dozens of other ways

Steve’s criteria for selecting a pro bono client and project:

  • Are you in the Chicago area?
  • Do you have 40 or more employees?
  • Is your focus primarily on underserved youth?
  • Is one of your goals to reduce violence in the city?
  • Are you a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit?

If you answered most of these with a yes, please send Steve an email, or call him to discuss your needs. 

Why does Steve do this?

Through much of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Benton Harbor was a city that offered little to the disadvantaged people living there. Steve’s experiences in that area gave him an increased compassion and a desire to be part of the solution. Through events, coaching, training, and counseling, he believes he made a difference in helping young people better integrate with their communities and prepare for their futures.

If you think he could be of help to your organization, please contact him.

“I feel activated to lead the charge in helping to shift the organizational culture to sustain the inevitable change that accompanies growth. Steve has catalyzed the executive team and me to collectively embrace our responsibility as strategists, ambassadors, cheerleaders, and role models of the BUILD culture that will carry us into our next 50 years.” 

Bradly K. Johnson

Director of Core Programs, BUILD Incorporated

“My interaction with Steve came when I transitioned into adulthood. He established a relationship of trust and safety so I could be open about my experiences without feeling shame. He looks at someone and sees their potential, their qualities, and how to help them discover and use those qualities. When I expressed doubt, he helped me work through it while supplying constant support. Now, years later, I reflect on that time and am grateful for the time he invested in me. In my personal and professional life, as I meet those who bear deep scars, I am reminded how important it is to have someone who supports you, no matter what.”  

Heather T.

“Steve has a unique ability to recognize an individual’s talents. In my youth, Steve helped me recognize my leadership skills. Today, I am the Warehouse Manager for a well-known company in Utah. In this position, I must communicate clearly, directly, and professionally to those I interact with, whether it be employees, customers, or vendors. Steve prepared me by helping me learn these and other valuable skills that help me in both my professional and personal life today.”

Jon N.

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