Steve is a dynamic speaker who will ignite and inspire your audience and provide instant value.


Motivating senior executives to overcome a significant organizational challenge could be your main goal right now. Or you might want to produce an inspiring, invigorating environment in which your employees will achieve extraordinary levels of success. Steve works with you to create a speaking program that will energize and motivate your audience while providing actionable steps they can put into practice immediately.


The success of any presentation comes from knowing the audience and delivering a memorable and impactful experience.

Sample Topics

Conquering Cross-Functional Dysfunction

One reason strategy implementation fails is that leadership teams lack alignment on the purpose and outcomes of the transformation. Conquering cross-functional dysfunction starts with a leadership team who trust each other and create a vigorous culture that engages in healthy dissent. Combine this with understanding requirements across the organization to achieve success, and you have a recipe to accelerate your transformation, fuel the growth of your organization, and propel your own leadership success.

Driving a New Culture to Embrace the Digital Age

The advancement of the Internet over the past two decades has taught us that we must run our organizations differently for our businesses to thrive in the digital age. Leaders must strike a balance between organizational hierarchy and cross-functional coordination. This presentation shows you how to develop your leadership to build a culture for success. You’ll learn how to accelerate change to fuel the growth of your firm and propel your personal leadership.

A Transformation Revolution

Leaders in every industry struggle with driving successful strategy execution and change. These projects are complex, riddled with challenges, and consume vast amounts of energy. Despite innovative practices in leadership and management, these projects continue to perform poorly, and many fail. In this engaging talk Steve shares his transformational leadership trifecta – fortifying your personal leadership, galvanizing your leadership team, and enrolling employees for significant buy-in. Steve weaves in his rich history and case studies of leading change. The results? You’ll learn how to accelerate change to fuel the growth of your firm and to propel your personal leadership success.

Resistance is Good

Some of the greatest lessons in society come from applying the learnings from resistance. You can drive exponential value through your transformation by learning how to identify and resolve underlying causes of resistance while increasing enrollment in your transformation.


Advocacy or Inquiry

Learn how humility and inquiry are effective in solving business issues, building stronger business partnerships, and facilitating transformational change while building your leadership capability and exceeding value targets.

Other Topics

Other Topics
High-speed Transformational Change

Transforming a Community – The Wine Industry of Baroda, Michigan

Transforming an Association Board to Achieve Exponential Growth


We enjoyed your presentation and participating as panel members. It is important in society today to think about how culture and leadership co-exist. You also presented the topic in such a way that it made sense to solo entrepreneurs. The more we discuss and engage your presentation model the better we work together. Great presentation!
SCORE Chicago

Hannah Fernandez, Chapter Chair, Bill R. Hoover, Vice Chair of Partnership

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