Cultural Faux Pas in the Season of COVID-19

“Chirping crickets.” Lack of communication is a sure-fire approach to ensure that your organizational purpose is not fulfilled. The execution of your strategy is slowed, and you increase the risk for greater cross-functional dysfunction. Smart leaders recognize the...

Enrolling Employees was Never More Important

Leaders who enroll employees to lead implementation will free up their time for more important work. Last week, we talked about building a more collaborative environment to empower employees and create less dependence on hierarchy. This week, we build on this to share...

Your Source of Power

Clear purpose is essential to the success of any strategy implementation or change. Clear purpose that describes tangible outcomes enables lower- level leaders and front-line employees to truly understand and act toward the desired change. As a leader, your role is to...

How Wrong Assumptions Impact your Success

Another failed project. As statistics prove, the probability is high that you will experience failed projects. About one in three projects fail to achieve the objectives established at the outset. I see executives regularly believe three assumptions that cause false...
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