Enrolling Employees was Never More Important

Leaders who enroll employees to lead implementation will free up their time for more important work. Last week, we talked about building a more collaborative environment to empower employees and create less dependence on hierarchy. This week, we build on this to share...

How to Build Awareness

“Don’t tell me too much too soon.” The first step in executing a great communication plan is to help your constituents develop awareness of your topic. There are two components to this: the message and the audience. The what and the who. The message is an explanation...

Steve’s Predictions: Updated

I had no idea my predictions would come true so quickly! Last December, I shared with you my three predictions about successful change in the future. Well here we are. The future is now. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to see these come true already. More...

How to Recognize and Fix the Choke Point

How to Recognize and Fix the Choke Point An Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) is a document, usually electronic, that is sent from a supplier to a customer to advise the customer of an in-process product shipment. The ASN gives the customer the capability to plan their...
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