Enrolling Employees was Never More Important

Leaders who enroll employees to lead implementation will free up their time for more important work. Last week, we talked about building a more collaborative environment to empower employees and create less dependence on hierarchy. This week, we build on this to share...

Greater Sponsorship is now Required

There are only two options: make progress or make excuses. In the post Covid-19 era, sponsorship is more important than ever. In my eBook, “Activate: 15 Steps to Profitable Strategy Execution,” we talk about the roles of sponsorship and the sponsor network to execute...

How to Quell Detractors

How to Quell Detractors Are you in the middle of a big change, or thinking about starting one? If so, watch this video to learn my five-step process to learn about and leverage those who might resist your change. Dedicated to your profitable transformation, Steve I’d...
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