With so many people now working from home, aligned autotomy has never been more important.

An underlying benefit of employees working together in an office setting is that it is easier to promote alignment. When employees are aligned on purpose, it’s easier for them to work independently. Now that we’ve driven millions to work from home, we’ve lost “environmental alignment.” It takes more deliberate action to ensure alignment.

The challenge for leaders is to adopt new ways of leading that promotes greater collaboration, particularly at a time when collaboration is more difficult than just walking over to your co-worker’s office.

How do leaders promote improved collaboration?

  1. As I’ve shared many times, clear purpose with clear outcomes is vitally important. Particularly now with a physically disconnected workforce.
  2. Your role as a coach becomes more important than before Covid-19. Employees working from home are dealing with many new and different distractions. Coaching them through these unchartered waters is one of your key roles.
  3. Your influence has always been critical to your success. Our new reality demands you practice even more of this as you work with your employees, your leadership teams and your board.
  4. Even though we are physically disconnected, employees are more connected than ever with social media. Any hint of impropriety will spread rapidly. Now is the time to ensure you are squeaky clean.
  5. Enroll employees. Find new and creative ways to engage/enroll employees. Use Zoom or other technology to bring employees together to discuss opportunities and find solutions.

All these ideas come together to promote greater collaboration, which in turn creates greater alignment. When leaders and employees are aligned on the overall work, it’s easier for them to work independently toward your goals.

Sounds like an oxymoron. You need to spend more time together, so your time apart is more productive, and aimed more toward the goals of the organization. The effectiveness of your time together has a direct impact on your productivity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Please go out to LinkedIn to add your comments.

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