Activating your strategy always pays off.

In 2016, 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution*.  That’s two failures per three strategies. This costs time, money, and worse yet, probably customers and market share.

I recently became aware of a major project in a large company that impacted nearly half of their workforce. When they started the project, they thought it was merely a technical effort to bring up to date an extremely out of date software system.

As the organization proceeded through the project, I heard about several issues that surfaced. Who were the ultimate users of the software? How would they be impacted? Who was the business executive sponsor? What was the leadership team responsible for ensuring smooth business operations before, during, and after the implementation? Why were these people identified and engaged so late in the project? How did they know they were going to be successful from a business operations perspective? What was the business goal and mission of the project? How did this impact the messaging that was required so employees understood why they were doing this? What was the business governance for the project?

When I heard about this, I thought it was unfortunate they did not know about the work that I do to help executives flawlessly drive strategy execution. My ACTIVATE workshop with the right participants would have answered all these questions and would have eliminated the resulting delays. It would have resulted in a project that cost less money.

Yes, this was a technical upgrade. But it had significant employee and organizational implications that were completely overlooked at the beginning. Fortunately, members of the project team were able to address many of these concerns after the fact, but in the end, it took more time, more effort, and created far more frustration than it needed to. 

Conversely, I have a long-standing client who told me last spring that without our work together there was no way that he and his organization would have been able to move as fast as they did to shut down their operations because of the pandemic. They were united in purpose, aligned on outcomes, and they had the structures in place to enroll employees and execute their plan swiftly. It was that simple.

Look at my ACTIVATE workshop. Believe me, it’s worth the investment. Don’t contribute to the two out of three strategy execution failures.

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