Business Readiness

Change management is such an obscure term – it’s really about business readiness.

I’ve been doing this work for decades, and I have never really thought of it as managing change. Rather, I think of it as preparing the business for change, or business readiness for change. 

When an organization goes through change, it is moving from one condition to a new condition. As professionals in this work our focus is helping the business prepare for the change. We determine the differences between the old and new environment, understand the future state, and then work with the business to incorporate this future state into their day-to-day operations. We help the business be ready for the change.

One client experience called for a great deal of leadership alignment and clarity. The effort went on to become one of their more successful ventures. We never called it change management. 

Let’s start calling this work what it is: Business Readiness. Everything we do to help an organization drive successful change is rooted in this concept.

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