How fitting it is this week to discuss my change leadership trifecta. Our country would not have come together, had it not been for a few disruptive visionaries who had the passion and tenacity to bring together a handful of colonies to form a new nation. They had these three important ingredients:
1. They were passionate about their purpose, and their purpose was clear – to gain independence from what they viewed as an authoritarian monarch who ruled them without representation.
2. They had strong alignment among representative leaders across these 13 colonies – alignment to the purpose to gain freedom from Britain.
3. These leaders had strong engagement among the “folks,” the common man and woman who wanted to escape what they viewed as a tyrannical British government.

There you have it, the change leadership trifecta; clear purpose, aligned leaders, and an engaged constituency.

Through the month of July, we’ll examine each of the three elements of the trifecta in depth. For today, though, take a moment and answer these questions for yourself:
1. For a change or transformation you are driving in your organization, is the purpose clear? Do employees understand the end-state? Do they understand what you are trying to achieve?
2. Are your leaders aligned? If you asked the third or fourth level of leadership to explain the desired outcomes of the transformation, what would you hear? Will you hear enough similarity to know your change is on the right track, or will the answers be so different that you have cause for alarm?
3. Do front line employees know how work will be different, and what they need to do to achieve the desired outcomes?

If you experienced no hesitation answering any of these questions positively, then you are in decent shape, and you are in the minority. I just read another study, this one by McKinsey, where they continue to report that 70% of transformation projects fail to achieve their objectives. You are a trendsetter, in the minority, where it is quite likely that your transformation will be among the few that succeed. Congratulations.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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