Exponential and sustainable growth requires a well-defined strategy, great execution, and turbo-charging your culture to perform. 

Over the recent holiday season, I encouraged my readers to take time to reflect, and to think about ways they might prepare themselves to seize the day – meaning 2021. I acted on my own advice.

I am excited to announce that going forward, I have refined my focus on one specific area of my work: Fueling extraordinary growth through culture. Exponential and sustainable growth requires a well-defined strategy, great execution, and turbo-charging your culture to perform. Throughout my career, I’ve helped my clients address often forgotten cultural elements to drive organizational success. The results are phenomenal. On a personal level, the satisfaction is tremendous.

Why am I narrowing my focus?

Through the pandemic and the associated “work from home” environment, I have observed that employees struggle more to collaborate effectively with their peers. This has created a situation where healthy culture is at risk and leaders need help with making cultural adjustments to remain successful.

I have achieved success in all kinds of change projects – implementing technology, turn-arounds, process improvements, new lines of business, new organizational structures, mergers, acquisitions, and outsourcing. At the core of each of these success stories is one common element: adjusting culture to help drive success and, ultimately, growth.

Also, many have heard that we are soon moving back to our farm in Michigan. This allows me to facilitate another passion of mine, which I’ll describe in an upcoming newsletter. The move increases my desire to focus my consulting work on only that which creates the greatest impact for my clients.

Call to Action

If you are implementing a growth strategy, we should talk. Two-thirds of these projects fail, primarily because of a lack of focus on the cultural elements required to drive success. Don’t let your next growth strategy implementation succumb to cultural issues.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Please go out to LinkedIn to add your comments. Also, see my new website at www.stevesalisburyconsulting.com.

Dedicated to fueling your growth,


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