“Chirping crickets.”

Lack of communication is a sure-fire approach to ensure that your organizational purpose is not fulfilled. The execution of your strategy is slowed, and you increase the risk for greater cross-functional dysfunction.

Smart leaders recognize the shortcomings of the culture of their organization, and when they entered the season of COVID-19, they took steps to mitigate how some of their cultural issues created barriers.

I have worked with a couple of organizations where no answer meant “no.” Rather than people communicating a short two letter word, they would leave messages unanswered or simply didn’t respond.

Because I am tenacious, I have no problem following up with people until I receive some sort of an answer. What I have found is that “no” often means something else. Maybe the question wasn’t asked properly, or insufficient context was provided, or perhaps the wrong person was asked the question.

Less tenacious people might take no answer as “no,” or worse yet, might believe their question was inappropriate. How sad.

Call to action: as a leader, it starts with you. Are you responding to genuine inquiries, or are you ignoring what some might perceive as important communication? Secondly, in this season of COVID-19, it’s critical that you talk with your leadership team about this topic. You might not think it is important in the bigger scheme of things, but remember right now, every employee is essentially on an island. It’s critical that you keep your organization and your culture together as we go through these trying times.

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