Most of us have been to a networking event at one time or another. A favorite ice breaker when meeting someone new is the question, “What do you do?” Here is how I answer that question, “I profitably transform vision to reality by building transformational leaders, developing their skills to connect with and engage employees to drive change, with a razor-sharp focus on execution.”

Let’s pick this apart and talk about how each element adds value.

Building transformational leaders. While managing large scale change, I have had more than one leader tell me that they learned a great deal about their leadership style, and how to improve their effectiveness. This starts with clear purpose stated in specific outcomes, built on a platform of true leadership principles, and the integrity to relentlessly drive the change to completion. This fuels her leadership capability, driving the change faster, better and deeper into the organization. The results are stronger leadership, greater value faster, and greater efficiency, customer satisfaction, revenue and growth over the long term.

Connect with and engage employees. This often starts with me asking the question, “Who will ultimately be responsible for sustaining the change?” The answer is usually some combination of middle managers and front-line employees. Middle managers engage by helping to define the new operational metrics, and developing mechanisms to hold their employees accountable to the new process and metrics. Front line employees engage to define specifics to implement the change. This adds value because the employees who will ultimately sustain the change are engaged early enough to ensure a smoother implementation of the change, thus increasing the value sooner.

Razor sharp focus on execution. The first two elements are critical and to be successful, these activities must be organized into a pragmatic and planned execution approach. The project structure helps hold both leaders and team-members accountable for their roles in the project. Mechanisms are in place for leaders to persistently drive execution while relying on their teams to complete the work. Of course, clearer execution means faster and more efficient value realization.

How will you deliver exceptional results and greater value during your next change project?

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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