Over the last few weeks, I have shared three approaches to eliminating cross-functional dysfunction, and helping you drive greater value from your transformation.
• Improve trust and increase healthy conflict among senior leaders
• Senior leaders align on purpose and outcomes
• Ensure alignment throughout the organization

The sequence and timing of these activities is important.

The sequence must be in the order shown. It will be much more difficult to align on purpose and outcomes if senior leaders cannot engage in healthy conflict. Gaining alignment throughout the organization will be impossible if the senior leadership team is not aligned on their expectations. When they are aligned, they will communicate a uniform message to their respective functions, making it easier for alignment throughout the organization.

Timing is also important. The first two steps must happen early in the transformation. The leadership team must be aligned, and must be able to uniformly communicate the expected outcomes of the transformation. The sooner they do this, the faster the transformation can occur.

The third step may take more time. Each function needs to understand independently the impact of the change, and may need to design their own operating features to support the change before they can think about how neighboring functions might be impacted. There is a risk, though. Don’t wait too long and don’t wait for the perfect design within each function. This is an iterative process, and will likely require a few meetings to work out the details. Each iteration improves not just the functional response to the change, but the cross functional response – thus significantly reducing cross-functional dysfunction at the operational level.

Timing is critical to drive success and improve value. When you enable your organization to move through these steps, and do so quickly, you will more than likely gain more results from your transformation.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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