Are you building a culture of encouragement?

Building a high-performance culture is the most important work you will ever do as a leader.

We often say that our people are our greatest assets. It takes effort and active leadership to build a highly productive culture where employees interact freely with one another, challenge each other, and encourage each other. I call this a culture of encouragement. Employees own this too. It’s up to the employee to determine their strengths and focus on the work they want to do. Put these two things together and you create a high-performance culture where employees can contribute their absolute greatest potential, and the organization is well positioned to excel.

The High-Performance Culture model above shows these two key ingredients and how they work together. When leaders adopt my ACTIVE leadership model and put it into practice, they are well on their way to developing this culture of encouragement. Implementing this model helps leaders build an organization that embraces healthy conflict across the organization and encourages greater commitment and accountability. Another goal of implementing the ACTIVE leadership model is to demonstrate how all employees lead in this manner. 

For employees who want to develop their best self, I recommend Strengths Finder 2.0 as a tool to help identify strengths, how those strengths work together to lead to satisfying work, and ultimately to the greatest contribution to the organization.

One of my best examples of this is when I was asked to turn around a failing electronic-commerce organization in the 1990s. I had a leader who clearly believed in a culture of encouragement. Together we built a great team inclusive of a variety of skills. I also discovered that my strengths were well suited to turn around and growth. We built a plan, engaged the team, and drove to a clear purpose. Together we achieved phenomenal success in a few short years, adding tens of millions of dollars of value to the organization.

Call to action: if you are not receiving what you believe to be the most out of your organization, take a look at my ACTIVE leadership model and my Accelerate workshop. These are designed to help you drive toward a more productive organization. For your team members, encourage them to look into Strength Finders 2.0, and then coach them to find and perform in the best possible roll for them.

What are you doing to build your team? How are you cultivating a culture of encouragement? Please share your thoughts on this post on LinkedIn.

Dedicated to fueling your growth,


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