Large scale or transformational projects require a solid project structure to drive to results. These structures are put in place to execute the change, and ensure employees and leaders alike are engaged with delivering and sustaining results.

The project leadership trifecta, pictured here, demonstrates that you need three critical components to drive successful change. You need actively engaged sponsors, a project management structure to drive and track deliverables and results, and a change management office to ensure the organization is engaged and has what they need to execute and sustain the change.

Benefits of a well-managed project structure includes:
1. Employees impacted by the change know what to expect and when.
2. Leaders have visibility to the progress of the change, including measures of readiness, project execution tracking, and risks and issues.
3. Sponsors are clear on their role as ultimate spokespersons for the change, as well as holding the project team accountable for delivery.

These together result in a project that delivers on-time, within budget, and meets quality specifications. This in turn generates the intended value of the project, and often exceeds expectations.

One of my clients has an excellent approach to leading large-scale change that reflects the elements outlined above. A few years ago, we were implementing a large scale, transformational change that was going to impact almost every employee in one of their operating divisions. The sponsor was the division chief who actively engaged with the project team to resolve issues, encourage progress, and communicate with employees. The project management structure was designed to execute quickly and efficiently. Finally, they had a change management team, of which I was a part, that helped prepare the organization for this monstrous change. The project finished on-time, under-budget and exceeded specifications. Even better, employees were well positioned to sustain the change over the long-term, leading to increased benefits.

Over the next few weeks we’ll take a closer look at each element of the project leadership trifecta. This will help you determine how to best structure your next large-scale change or transformation project with the goal of driving the greatest possible value.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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