Last week I described how your culture can predict your transformation success, and broke culture into two components – behavioral and structural. Today we’ll take a closer look at behavior.

The Behavior Trifecta shown above separates leader behavior from that of their leadership team, and that of employees generally. When all three parties exhibit productive behavior for their role, the probability of your transformation’s success goes way up. Here is a summary of the behaviors I look for in each of the groups:

Senior Leader Senior Leader’s Team Employees
– Communicates clear vision or purpose in measurable terms.

– Listens actively (more than talks).

– Coaches individual members of their team.

– Holds their team accountable for results.

– Cultivates an environment of trust and healthy conflict.

– Seeks to understand challenges and opportunities of their team mates.

– Understands that their leader’s team must be successful before their team can be.

– Willing to accept coaching and learn new ways to approach work.

– Frequently (but not always) comes to work early and stays late demonstrating an eagerness to succeed.

– Understand how to work with other people; is emotionally intelligent.

You can argue that all three groups should share all three sets of behaviors. Those listed are critical behaviors for the role.

Here are the signs to look out for if you only have two of the three:

  • Wrong Team: If you lack productivity from your employees, you likely need to upgrade the staff. Look for the three employee traits outlined above when hiring new team members.
  • Cross-Functional Dysfunction: Your leadership team doesn’t work well with each other. It may appear so in your team meetings, but how well are they otherwise working together? Look for withholding behavior, destructive conflict, over advocacy or low investment in their own teams as a sign that you might need to act.
  • Kumbaya: The team appears to lack direction or focus. The path forward is not clear, and employees are not held accountable for results.

Encouraging proper behaviors, particularly during large scale transformation, can be a daunting task. Properly equipped with the right tools, though, you can change your organization and drive greater productivity, yielding much greater bottom line value.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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