Two weeks ago, I described how your culture can predict your transformation success, and broke culture into two components – behavioral and structural. Last week we looked closely at behavior. Today we’ll take a closer look at structure.

The Structure Trifecta shown above separates the Leader’s focus from the leadership team’s network requirements and employees formal and informal structures. When all three parties implement structure according to their role, the probability of your transformation’s success goes way up. Here is a summary of the structures I look for in each of the groups:

Senior Leader Senior Leader’s Team Employees
–  Creates leadership team structure to address key components of the transformation.

– Installs governance structures to drive the transformation.

– Develops and drives an executive agenda.

– Staffs weaknesses.

– Illuminates and addresses up and downstream process interdependencies.

– Drives clarity of process for their respective areas.

– Ensures cross functional behaviors are in place to support the transformation.


– Organize to prepare for the transformation cross functionally. Change Action Networks are a great way to do this at the operational level.

– Support leader’s efforts to drive clarity across functions- process and behaviors.

– Actively participate to prepare their function for the transformation.


Each of the three components of the organization are strictly accountable for their portion of the structure. For your transformation to be successful, each of these must be defined and work together to achieve the ultimate outcomes.

Here are the signs to look out for if you only have two of the three:

  • Poor Engagement: If you have not sponsored or facilitated formal or informal cross functional employee teams, such as a change action network, employees will engage at different levels of commitment and their focus will be internal to their function – an undesirable trait for transformation.
  • Cross-Functional Dysfunction: Up and down stream impacts are at best unclear, and at worst ignored. Leaders lack clarity on how they must support one another, which leads to further confusion at lower levels of the organization.
  • Unaccountable: Without the proper leadership team structure and transformation governance, employees in the organization will have mixed to little accountability for results.

Implementing and sustaining proper structures during your transformation is critical to your success. When the leadership team is clear on their roles, how they support each other, and employees can engage across the organization, you can drive greater focus to your transformation and yield much greater bottom line value.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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