“Steven! The basement is flooded,” my wife cried.

Every year our lawn care service cleans the eave troughs at our farmhouse in Michigan. The proof that they have done a great job is a dry basement.

A few days ago, a heavy thunderstorm pummeled us with a downpour. Imagine my surprise as I watched the eave troughs all around the house overflow until the storm was over. The next morning, we found pools of water in our normally dry basement. Determined to restore my basement to dryness, my wife and I donned our work clothes, and dragged a ladder and garden hose out of the barn. Within minutes we discovered that although the eaves troughs were clear, the down spouts were plugged with years of debris. After two hours of disassembling, clearing and reinstalling the downspouts we proclaimed the project complete. Water flowed freely.

Transformational change is like rainwater. Your team will take the path of least resistance to achieve its goals – or attempt to. It’s often those unseen obstructions that create resistance for you to achieve your goals.

Like those downspouts, you might need to proactively seek out and address areas of resistance in your organization. Metaphorically speaking, you might need to poke around a bit to find out where there is resistance, why it exists, and take steps to adapt to the risks it manifests.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,




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