I was so nervous! 

Here I was, at age 16, giving my first speech ever. I stood in front of an audience of parents, school administration and several fellow students. We were participating in a National Honor Society induction meeting at my high school. The topic was service. 

I have always believed in service. In helping others. In giving back. 

How can I serve you?

Each year, I select one Chicago area not-for-profit organization for whom I provide pro-bono services. These services have been used to improve change leadership, leadership alignment, organizational culture, and employee involvement – all leading to significant growth for the organization.

Why do I do this?

One of the best experiences I ever had was serving as a lay minister for youth. Seeing these young people adopt principles we discussed, and then changing their lives for the better was so rewarding. And it was not just limited to youth. Throughout my consulting career, the most rewarding experiences happened when I helped leaders, management and key employees adopt principles and drive more successful change. It’s all about personal, leadership and ultimately, organizational growth.

Also, having lived near impoverished areas for much of my life, I recognize the desperate need for well placed philanthropical programs. These communities cry out for leadership to help them overcome the devastating affects of poverty, crime and other societal challenges. They need us to serve them.

How do I do this?

I am pleased to announce that my 2021 pro-bono consulting work is for Kohl Children’s Museum. See the attached press release. The museum’s mission is to encourage young children ages birth to 8 to become effective learners through play. Learning is fundamental to growth. Learning is fundamental to becoming productive adults.

Call to action

Do you know a not-for-profit organization that would benefit from my help? Over the course of this summer, I will select my 2022 pro-bono client. To learn more about specific criteria, please review the philanthropy page on my web site. Then contact me to see if I can help you – or an organization about which you might be aware.

Continue the dialog

Why is service important to you? How do you give back? Of what philanthropic endeavors are you most proud? Please share your thoughts on LinkedIn.

Dedicated to fueling your growth,


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