Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. The weather is usually perfect for a picnic with family or friends, and we enjoy time together sharing, playing ball, and watching the obligatory fireworks. Yet I wonder if some of our populace truly understand what our early leaders endured to achieve this independence, we celebrate each year.

Over the last few years, I’ve read biographies regarding three of our country’s early leaders: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. As a result, I discovered two common traits shared by these three men: resilience and perseverance. In all three cases, these men persevered through a variety of challenges and setbacks to remain true to their cause. In all three cases, they were resilient – bouncing back from failure to try a different approach to achieving their goals.

The same is true for any of us who lead transformational change. In order to achieve our goals, we call upon ourselves to never give up, and drive forward sometimes in the face of great adversity. But it’s worth it. You come out on the other end knowing that what you have achieved is greater than you might have expected, fulfilling your goals and those of many others.

May you enjoy this day with family or friends. Use this time to rejuvenate, refuel and share . all that you have with those you love and care for.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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