One of my consulting engagements was to help an organization go through a significant organizational transformation. This was no small transformation; it was going to impact almost everyone within their organization, and all their customers. Only a handful of office administrators were unaffected by this massive overhaul of their business processes and supporting systems. We had our share of challenges with this transformation given its scale. In the end, with few exceptions, we were successful.

After completing the project, one of the organization’s leaders said to me, “You not only helped prepare our organization for the tremendous transformation we were about to go through, you also helped us – the leadership team – understand how we were not yet ready to lead this change, and what we needed to do to prepare. This led to one of the most successful projects in our history and improved our leadership in the process.”

To help you determine how ready your organization might be for a large-scale transformation, there are two free assessments now available on my web site. One assessment helps you determine the size and scale of the transformation you are considering, the other helps you determine how ready you are to lead a significant transformation. You can find them here.

Once you have completed these, I will provide a free one-hour consultation to help you identify opportunities to leverage your strengths to drive a successful transformation. You can reach me at

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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