Various studies indicate that organizational transformation fail anywhere from 10% to an alarming 90% of the time. One of the factors given for failure is the lack of attention given to cultural changes that may be required to support transforming to the new state.

This means that in your approach to executing your transformation you must consider including a culture track. Here are the steps that I use when I help executives lead transformational change:

  1. Assess the current culture of your organization. Evaluate items such as risk-taking, decision-making, and respect for hierarchy.
  2. Identify current behaviors within the organization that demonstrate those elements.
  3. Specify new behaviors that are required to support the transformation objectives.
  4. Link these new behaviors to the results that you expect.
  5. Develop an accountability plan and set the example. Further, enroll your leadership team to set that example and execute accordingly.
  6. Develop and implement a plan for your employees to promote the new behaviors. Use something like a change action network.
  7. Call out examples of employees demonstrating these new behaviors. Reward them for it.
  8. After you implement the transformation, assess your progress toward improvement and establish a plan to promote and reinforce those cultural changes.

In one of my client engagements, we followed this approach. At the end of the engagement, we were thrilled with the results. Employee’s exceeded our expectations, and now the organization is in a much better position for continued growth and transformation.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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