In change leadership work we usually talk about “organizational readiness” to ensure front-line employees are ready to embrace the change. Rarely though do we speak of “leadership readiness.” Yet Prosci, a leading change research firm, reports year after year that lack of sponsorship is the number one cause of change failing to meet its objectives. It’s time to talk about “leadership readiness.”

There are three primary causes of lack of leadership readiness to drive change:
1. Leaders don’t fully understand their role to successfully transform their business.
2. Cross-functional dysfunction erupts due to lack of alignment on approach, intent or outcomes.
3. Leaders may advocate for the change, but don’t solicit sufficient feedback to engage employees.

Each of these issues result in changes that do not live up to their potential. When leaders recognize these issues, and take corrective action the probability of success increases significantly.

Three things leaders can do to mitigate the associated risk:
1. Take my free transformational leadership assessment to identify change leadership improvement opportunities and take actions to close the gap.
2. Work with the leadership team to identify specific outcomes of the change, and ensure they each know how this translates for their teams.
3. Be sure messaging is clear, there are mechanisms to receive feedback, and then incorporate feedback into the change process.

We’ll explore leadership readiness in more detail in the coming weeks.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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