Here are eight tips to make sure your next transformation will succeed. Would you add anything to this list?

  1. Clarify purpose. Be sure you are clear on the purpose, and the impact on the employees. Will jobs change? When?
  2. Execute an employee risk management plan to identify and mitigate the risks related to adopting the change.
  3. Plan to be an engaged sponsor of change. Don’t just participate in status meetings. Remember the old phrase MBWA? Do it! Schedule time to meet with impacted front-line employees. Plan communication events to share your purpose and receive feedback.
  4. Generate excitement and enthusiasm for the transformation. This is crucial to motivate those who will ultimately work in the transformed organization.
  5. Engage significantly impacted employees to play important roles in the transformation and help them eagerly drive it among their peers and constituents.
  6. As you approach implementation, make sure employees understand how their jobs will change.
  7. Transfer skills. Design and vet a training plan to transfer skills to the front-line employees. Follow up to ensure employees institutionalize these skills into their day-to-day work.
  8. Change the metrics. What gets measured gets changed. New measures reflect the intent of the change. Put these in employees’ performance objectives. Hold them accountable.

Don’t wait until one week before the change is implemented to implement the first five tips. Start immediately once you know the scope.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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