On one project, I was called in to help implement a large transformational change. Soon after my arrival, I discovered that there was no clear sponsor for the change effort, the senior leadership team was not at all aligned with the outcomes of the change, and lower level managers had no idea what was happening, or why.

I have learned that when leaders say they are ready to implement change, they often are not. They may have a good strategy and vision of where they want to take the organization, but typically, they are not prepared enough to lead the organization through a successful transformation.

Here is a list of common pitfalls:

  • Insufficient sponsorship including a lack of involvement and executive communication.
  • Cross-functional dysfunction (CFD) caused by a misunderstood or lack of clear purpose. CFD is also caused by ineffective team dynamics that can make healthy conflict and commitment impossible.
  • Lack of sufficient engagement of the “immovable middle,” so-named because they have so much on their plates they don’t have time to think about the impact of the transformation.
  • Lack of effective engagement of front line employees until very late in the program. You don’t announce the change when you are ready to begin training.

On Friday, March 10, I am offering a free webinar to share common pitfalls, and what you can do to overcome them. If you are sponsoring a large transformational change, and you want to achieve greater results, this webinar is for you. Effective sponsorship of change is crucial to remain competitive, and you need to know your next program will exceed your goals. This webinar will help you learn how to accelerate change to fuel the growth of your firm and to propel your personal leadership success. Click here to sign up for this free webinar.

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