Since my wife is Chinese, I often read ancient Chinese writings to develop a greater appreciation for the history of her culture. Recently I came across this by the philosopher Tsang (edited for brevity and clarity, not for content):

I examine daily myself on these three points:

  1. Have I been faithful in transacting business with others?
  2. Have I been sincere in my communications with others?
  3. Have I practiced the instructions of my teacher?

These questions can form the basis of a transformational leader’s regular personal self-assessment. They support the notion that to become a transformational leader you must have a foundation of interpersonal and organizational trust (see last week’s blog), and that you are regularly developing yourself.

On a regular basis, a successful transformational leader will reflect on these questions to determine her current state and identify opportunities for improvement. They don’t wait for external events or feedback to influence their personal development.

Don’t misunderstand, external input is usually a good thing – just don’t wait for it to happen. Schedule regular time on your calendar to perform this simple self-assessment, determine any needed course corrections, and develop a plan to implement.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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