All change projects require a clear vision of the change, and how it will impact employees.


Many years ago, I built a house. I found a vacant lot densely covered with pine trees. It was steep and north facing – not an ideal site in Michigan. Some thought I was crazy for selecting such a site, but I had a vision. I sketched plans and staked out the corners of the house which was about 700 feet from the road. I took my Dad back to see the site and showed him my sketches. He said, “You have quite a vision!”

This is where change starts. The leader must have a vision. She needs to be able to articulate it clearly and show people the way. The sketch was my vision for the finished house. The stakes represented how the vision would come to life, and the foot trail, which later became a 700-foot-long driveway, was how people would come to see the vision as it materialized and eventually became my home.

steve_houseCall to action: It’s relatively easy for a leader to develop her vision for change. It’s more difficult to share that vision in a way that moves the organization to successful implementation.  When you start your next major change project, share your vision so that the organization understands it, is prepared for the impact, and will help you achieve it.

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