Having trouble hiring and keeping employees these days? Look in the mirror.

Two companies. Same industry. Within a few miles of one another. Similar number of employees. Similar skill requirements. Similar pay ranges.

One has repeatedly complained of labor shortages. The other remains fully staffed and at the ready. Yet they both have all the similarities listed above. What’s going on?

We’ve read about the conventional thinking in the news. Government “bail outs” have made it possible for people to stay home and not work. I won’t venture into the politics of this, but instead offer a different perspective.

It’s all about leadership. 

I’m aware of the management structure and the leadership of these two companies. On one hand, you have a leadership team that has clear purpose, is collaborative, and is led by an individual with passion for their vision. They have integrity, coach their leaders and employees, are open to change, trust one another, and enroll employees in building and making change happen. 

On the other hand, not so much. It’s autocratic, disengaging, and clearly lacks trust. The environment lacks healthy dissent. 

On one hand you have a leader and a leadership team that appears to be following my ACTIVE leadership model. On the other, not so much.

Is your organization struggling to grow? Are you having challenges hiring and retaining great employees? Take my ACTIVE leadership assessment to determine if it is your leadership that’s holding you back. Then let’s talk about how you can build a stronger leadership culture for change and growth in your organization.

Do you think that leadership, or lack thereof, is a significant contributor to an organization’s inability to hire? What are your perspectives on this topic? Please go to LinkedIn to add your comments.

Dedicated to fueling your growth,


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