My Predictions – #2 – Improved Strategy to Execution Success

Improving the strategy to execution gap is a passion of mine. When I speak with colleagues about this, it resonates with them as a key issue faced by executives and their organizations. Research bears this out as  study after study indicates that a leading cause of strategy execution failure is lack of adequate preparation.

A recent meta-study (a study of studies) looked at the issues that prevent strategy execution success. It highlights three key reasons: lack of clarity of the message, lack of leadership, and lack of clear execution plans.

This gap seems to be gaining more attention. Recently I attended a conference where several colleagues presented solutions to this strategy to execution gap. A few focused on the three topics of clarity, leadership and execution planning. In fact, one of my workshops, Activate, helps executives close the strategy to execution gap by addressing these three issues directly.

As this issue is gaining more visibility, I predict that more executives will focus on this, as will the legions of strategy and change consultants. They will all adopt some form of Activate and ensure it is included in either the strategy formulation stage, or at the beginning of execution.

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