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How I See Transformational Change Changing

Yes, we can handle all this change!

I see three trends related to transformational change that are gaining momentum. Continuously transforming organizations, closing the strategy to execution gap, and solving what I call the Integrity Deficit Syndrome.

Continuous Transformation. I’m not talking agile. I’m not talking continuous improvement. I describe this as a culture that continuously evaluates and implements change at lighting speed.

Improved Strategy to Execution Success. A recent meta-study (a study of studies) looked at the issues that prevent strategy execution success. These studies tend to agree on the reasons: lack of clarity of the message, lack of leadership, and lack of clear execution plans.

Greater Focus on Integrity. Everyday it seems we read about integrity failures in organizational leadership. Everyday. People lose faith in organizations when their leaders misbehave – or worst yet cover up their misbehavior. This integrity deficit plagues transformational change.

We will explore each of these in more detail in the coming weeks.

We can handle all this change. Our organizations will continue to successfully drive positive transformational change and do so at higher rates of speed. It comes at a price – we must learn to close the strategy execution gap, and we must always take the higher road. Always.

I think it’s worth the price.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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