Last week I introduced the sponsor trifecta. One element of the trifecta is the sponsor has ability to make financial and resource decisions about the project. When they don’t, project delays occur, often losing real money from the bottom line because the project implementation date affects the profitability.  of the project.

One project in which I was involved suffered from this very issue. The sponsor of the project was not able to make financial or resource decisions that affected the project team. I was brought in to help them drive the project toward greater success. One of the first things I did was help them install a new sponsor at the right level who could make resource decisions quickly to keep the project on track.

What are the symptoms of inadequate access to resources?

·         Project delays and postponements. Even the simplest decisions can cause weeks of delay. Things come to a grinding halt while project teams wait for decisions.

·         Employee burn out. When projects languish, employees burn out. There are only so many 90-hour weeks a person can put in, particularly if they are not able to see progress.

·         Inadequate solutions that don’t meet specifications. When it is difficult to obtain appropriate resources, those left to make decisions end up taking shortcuts that short-circuit the value of the project.

How do you know if your sponsor is at the right level in the organization? The litmus test is that the sponsor can make immediate decisions regarding the application of resources whether that be money or people. If they cannot make these decisions rapidly, they are not the right sponsor.

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