How Will You Express Your Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Every year as I think about Thanksgiving, I always think about the first few years my parents and I spent Thanksgiving “on the farm” in southwest Michigan. Our first Thanksgiving there, in 1966, consisted of reduced rations since we had not yet acquired any appliances or furniture. It was a real adventure for me as a small boy exploring our new 30-acre farm complete with hills, orchards, vineyards and a fantastic creek that kept me busy for hours.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for growing up in different settings – urban, suburban and rural. As a result, I was exposed to numerous cultures and gained appreciation and respect for others. Today I am sharing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with my daughter and her family. I’m grateful to be with them.

I am also grateful for the great work I’ve been able to do with many clients across several industries. To show this gratitude, each year I provide one pro-bono project for a Chicago based not-for-profit focused on underserved youth. Read more at

How will you express your gratitude today?

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