This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for…YOU!

A giant thank you for my loyal readers! When I speak with some of you, you tell me that you enjoy these newsletters, and you say they are quite helpful. I am grateful for your positive comments and your encouragement.


Times are changing. This past April, I turned the magic age of 65. For many, this means retirement. Not me, though. I continue to pursue my passion to help organizations change, grow, and win in the marketplace. No matter the change, my goal is always to help the organization improve. This won’t stop. It’s a passion of mine to see people and organizations change and excel.

In fact, I’m still learning. Just last month, I received certification in Human Synergistics’ Organizational Culture Inventory® and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® assessments. It’s a fantastic way to quantify elements of culture and provide insight for making improvements. I’ve always been fascinated with organizational culture, and this is a great way to make it more real.

There will be some changes though.

As I enter this next phase of my life, I will spend more time on one of my other passions: Southwest Michigan, and the great wines of our region. In fact, I’ve taken a part time job at a local tasting room where I am able to share this passion with visiting guests. It’s called Local Pour, and it’s in Sawyer, Michigan. If you ever pass through this way, come on in! We are right off I-94

This also means other changes. At the end of this year, this email newsletter will move to LinkedIn. I will no longer email you twice a month. Please connect with me on LinkedIn if we aren’t already. I plan to continue to share insights and ideas about change, growth, and culture. You’ll find it all on LinkedIn. I also have a new email address effective immediately,

I intend to continue consulting. My clients tell me that my workshops are energizing and help set the stage for change. My coaching is well recognized. And my speaking business is growing. What ever your need in the field of change, growth, and culture, I’m your guy.

So don’t be a stranger. Let’s connect on LinkedIn. Let me know how you are doing. Let me know how I’m doing with my content. And please, today, give thanks for all the bounty that we enjoy every day.

Change. Grow. Win.

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