It was a hot and humid afternoon last Saturday when my wife and I drove to our local Walgreens to receive our second dose of the Covid vaccine. As we drove up to the building, it looked closed. It was closed! I fumbled for my iPhone to reread the email confirmation I had received the day before, and sure enough, it said to be there at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday, August 21.

As we drove back home without that second dose, I began to reconstruct in my mind what had happened. We received the first dose about five weeks earlier at a different location. The first location was a full-service Walgreens that was just a few days from closing. The folks who waited on us served us quickly and served us well. They also set the appointment for the return visit. Apparently, they did not receive the memo that said the new Walgreens would not be open on the weekend. By the way, the new Walgreens is a pharmacy-only location; an innovative idea they began testing about 2.5 years ago.

I will give Walgreens, and the folks who served us, a pass on the situation. Lots of moving parts in an era where there are still many unknowns because of the pandemic. Clearly, though, there is something they missed in their change process. The first location, a full service, 24/7 store, closing in favor of a smaller weekday only version means that they need to keep in mind how the business hours are going to affect scheduling return appointments.

When driving change in your organization, you likely don’t know all the fine details, and as a leader, you will miss something. I can guarantee it. My clients tell me this is one of the reasons they love the concept of the Change Action Network. Usually populated with front-line employees from across the impacted functions, members of a Change Action Network talk through all of the implications of a change and make sure fine details, like how to schedule return appointments, are handled.

Another key benefit of a Change Action Network is that it supports employee ownership of the change. All too often, senior leaders drive change without sufficiently engaging employees to adopt the change. The Change Action Network is one great way to do this.

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