Dwight Eisenhower said it. “The supreme quality of leadership is integrity. Lately it is rare for a day to go by without a report about an indiscretion of a CEO, the clergy, or a political leader.”

John Maxwell said, “The people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” As a consultant for a variety of organizations, I’ve seen this time and time again.

These two quotes go hand in hand. If you lack integrity, your people won’t follow your lead. They won’t execute your vision. Therefore, leading with integrity is an essential ingredient to successful transformational change.

I cannot imagine any executive who reads the news saying to himself or herself, “There’s another one who was caught. It will never happen to me.” Yet it does. Nearly every day there’s a new name in the news.

Leading with integrity. What does it mean?

  1. Developing and staying true to your vision. Sure, it may change slightly due to different business factors, but staying true to your vision, and explaining your deviations openly, helps you maintain integrity.
  2. Every situation is different but sticking to your principles is key.
  3. One of my leaders once told me, “Some people will tell you that asking for feedback is a sign of weakness. Don’t believe it.” Encouraging thoughtful dialog helps people integrate change into their work and gives you information that helps you course correct as necessary.
  4. Set and live to a higher standard. Don’t just do enough to get by, or worse yet, to get away with subpar performance. Do more. Set a higher bar.

How do you stack up?

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,

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