I had no idea my predictions would come true so quickly!

Last December, I shared with you my three predictions about successful change in the future. Well here we are. The future is now. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to see these come true already.

  1. More change faster. We were thrown into this situation. We had no time to prepare our home offices. If we were still working. And if we are still working in an office, we had no time to prepare for that change either. We have learned how to adapt quickly. Looking to the future, we can repeat this again and again without a pandemic.
  2. Closing the strategy to execution gap. With the workforce suddenly dispersed, and with multiple new distractions, leaders have had to put more focus on keeping purpose in front of their people. Leaders have also had to spend more time working to keep their leadership teams aligned and moving forward together. These skills will carry over to the new norm, where executives will be able to profitably execute faster and more effectively.
  3. Reducing the Integrity Deficit Syndrome. Nothing like a good crisis to expose integrity issues faster. A pervasive social media environment helps keep us keep in check. Ruth Chris is a good example. Social media exposed the issues with their financial assistance. They were in turn prompted to give the money back.

We are now in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Next week there will be another topic that is important for us to deal with, and the chances are good that we don’t know what that topic will be. Let’s keep an eye on these predictions and reevaluate them again in a few months – or maybe a few weeks.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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