If you are not ACTIVE, you are not leading.

Recently I introduced my ACTIVE leadership model. Today, we’ll discuss what happens when you don’t consistently demonstrate the elements of the model.

Aim or purpose: Without clear purpose, employees are not clear on the direction of the organization. They are not able to prioritize work to that which makes the most impact.

Collaboration: People work in silos and either duplicate effort, miss key components, or worse yet, work in opposition to one another. This is the essence of cross functional dysfunction.

Teach or coach: Employees do the best they can but under perform, often missing expectations as they are not guided to work toward the company’s purpose, even when it does exist. 

Influence: Related to both collaboration and coaching; without leadership influence employees under perform or other leaders work in a vacuum. Without employee influence, each employee does their own individual tasks. Greater innovation and customer service are lost.

Vulnerability: Others in the organization see you as unreal, unapproachable, untrustworthy, collaborative, or worse yet uncooperative.

Enrolling: Employees do their own thing and don’t produce maximum results. Their efforts are disconnected and could be counterproductive. At a minimum, employees won’t produce as much as they could.

If you experience any of the symptoms outlined above, take some time to be introspective about your leadership. Resolve to do better.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Please go out to LinkedIn to add your comments.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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