Recently my son purchased a new All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for my grandson. Austin, who is 10, had outgrown a smaller version, and besides the old ATV was suffering from a host of mechanical problems. I happened to be visiting the day after Austin received his new “toy.” He was excited to show me how he could handle it and demonstrated this with great skill as he weaved through the forest trails behind their home. Notably, the new ATV handled differently than the old one. It would frequently stall, and then was difficult to restart. Each time he struggled to start the ATV, his dad reminded him that the new ATV required a different startup procedure than did the old one. Austin was handling change like so many of us. It’s difficult to start a new routine, and when we do, it’s good to have someone help us.

Just like Austin, your employees need help galvanizing your transformation. They need new skills, gentle reminders, and accountability. Here are a few tips to help galvanize your transformation.

  1. Prepare employees. Validate that you have the right education and training for employees to acquire the new skills required.
  2. Change the measures. Identify 2-3 critical metrics that assess transformation progress. Hold people accountable to achieve these metrics.
  3. Identify change agents. Equip a few employees throughout your organization to help reinforce actions required to sustain the change.

As I consult with executives regarding change, they often focus much of the effort on the work leading up to the change but don’t put adequate attention on activities required to sustain the change. When insufficient effort is applied to the former, these change projects risk success. Don’t let yours be one of them.

Dedicated to your profitable transformation,


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